Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday John

ELLO ALL! Been a few months, but don't worry. I've been pumping things like CRAZY!! So I guess it's true, word of mouth really is a big part of getting work in the art world. The majority of my work lately has been more illustration or graphic design based (missing my animation hard ): ), but I'm still happy to be doing what I enjoy the way I want.

The most recent piece that I really enjoyed doing even though it was VERY last minute was this birthday illustration I did for my newest friend John. He commissioned me to do an illustration of him as one of my little characters, "And make sure he has a blue mohawk... My mohawk use to be blue..." he told me. How could I decline?

I was going to give myself sometime to do it, but when I found out that after he asked me to do the commission his birthday was in three days, crazy KK decided "BIRTHDAY PRESENT!" There was still one big issue however. The next time I was going to see John would of been at least a week after his birthday, thus once again crazy me decides "I'll see him today... LETS MAKE IT EARLY!" And in about 3 hours time (90% of that was me melting my brain over what exactly he would like) I came up with this. Don't think I've ever seen John smile has hard as he did when I handed it to him, seeing as how he wasn't expecting it.

Needless to say, the next day I got a bit of a moving text message from him saying how it was one of the best things anyone had ever done or given to him. I know everyone has their reasons for doing art, but I have to say that for me, the best part is seeing the emotions that something as simple as a guy riding a dragon brings to the surface in a person. Call me soft, or a hippie, either way I'm more so glad that he liked it.

Now he has re-commissioned me to do part of a wall mural. OH-JOY!! lol I'll be getting those pictures tossed up here soon. Well, once I get them taken anyway. Oh, and be on the look out for some personal stuff I've been tossing around as well.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's Day

Original drawing & Ink

Soo, yesterday was Valentine's Day. The day that many couple's love, and many singles despise. I spent my day of love cleaning and, well... finishing this drawing of me and some friends.

Two of my companions are very much in to the new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and they like to harass a male friend of ours about becoming a brony. Of course he rather dislikes the idea and usually us for picking at him about it. So some months ago I had drawn and inked this picture of the four of us as My Little Ponies, and then promptly forgot about it. But yesterday I stumbled upon it and decided that it could use some color. So I slapped into photoshop and did my own take on the coloring. I thought about making it in the exact style of the show, but then what is the point of having your own style if you don't use it, right?

Coloring it actually took me a bit longer to do than usual because of the whole inner debate I kept having with myself over if I should do it in the style of the show or not. But once I got started, I really liked the marker type effect I started to get and just decided to go with that.

Ya know... I rather like interpreting different shows/movie characters in my own way. Funny how I'm really just now discovering this, lol. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Plaster Face Paint: Part 2


The finished product of my plaster face painting. Took a bit longer due to everything else I've had to run and get done, but I finally took some time for myself and finished it. I kind of based the designs around masquerade masks and Native American or Hindu face paint. I dremeled two holes in the back of it so I can hang it on the wall. But the thing is, even tho I'm pretty sure that I made the holes pretty straight, I'm have this feeling that they're off center some how.... Guess I'll have to actually hang it to find out.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Plastered Face Paint

So before Thanksgiving I went back to my mom's house for the holiday and upon entering I was hit with a constant stream of "Are you going take some stuff back with you? Cause I'm getting ready to move." So, on my departure I went through my art room (which use to be the guest room) and found an old plaster mold of my face that I did sometime ago.

When I made it I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, so it just laid on a shelf, blank and uninteresting. Then I realized "Why don't I just paint the blasted thing?" So I did. Or well, I've started too. Its taking a bit of time since plaster absorbs water like my dog and the only paint I already have on hand is little cheap acrylic bottles from the craft section. I had to use the carving tools to smooth some of the rough spots before I got started, which was really fun in itself. Well, for me anyway since I had a face mask to use. My dog on the other hand seemed to take to the particles like most to black pepper. End result, my feet receiving the periodic mist of doggie snot.

Yeah, it does get kind of hard to concentrate.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toebius "Toebe" Nixon

Hi everyone. Between working, running errands, visiting family for the holidays, and just trying to make sense from chaos I've also taken upon myself to keep my dog with me until mom comes a calling for us to come home for Christmas.

This is Toebius, or Toebe as my mom preferred. A black and white cocker spaniel, with the brain of a deer. I say this because he is deafly afraid of strangers (and yes, I've tried everything from walks to food for 8 years now and nothing seems to really work) and whenever someone pets him he gets this deer in headlights look. But even with the constant whine from his crate at 5 am every morning to go out to potty,  and the "I'm so terrified of everything so the only thing I can think of is to run through the apartment and knock everything over in an effort to get away" and the "Oh, you have food? I'll just jump up on the couch next to you and proceed to stare you in the face and sniff unsettling close at each spoonful you put in your mouth until you either give it to me, or have to force me off the couch", he's still brought more humor to my little two bedroom home in the last week than there was before Adventure Time and Regular Show had steady seasons on Cartoon Network.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Collaborative Short Film

So a friend of mine came up with a small idea for a short 3D film. Don't want to say much about it, but he came over the other day so we could get some brain storming done, and this is what resulted:

Its a bit hard to see, but the point is there's a lot of scribbles, lol. And the fact that there were times when we'd get a bit off topic. (Which I think you can figure out from the huge AT&T written in the middle). We got a lot of things figured out tho, so now I have to work on character and environment designs as well as the storyboards. I'm kind of excited, mainly because I haven't had the chance to do stuff like this in awhile. Hopefully I can keep the updates going, so I'll try to get things posted as I get them done. Keep looking out guys! :D

In The Future, Mini Comics

Sorry guys, been rather busy with A LOT of different things recently. BUT! On the plus side, it means that I've got much to share with everyone! :D My latest interest revolve around a small inside joke with my friends, where we pretend to act like rich British people. So I wanted to expand on this and make little one shot comics with some of them, each one ending in one of us saying "Indeed".

(c) Caitlin "KK" Nixon

(c) Caitlin "KK" Nixon

(c) Caitlin "KK" Nixon
(c) Caitlin "KK" Nixon

I'm working on some more of these because I rather like coming up with ridiculous rich people comments that probably only really exist in our own fantasy art world.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Senior Film: Passing Update 1

So! I know it has been awhile guys. Especially with me renovating my blog and all. BUT! I can finally take a moment to update everyone on my Senior film that is currently in the works (Literally, flash is open with rough animation even as I type this x__x).

I don't want to give too much away but I will show you guys my digital colored backgrounds, all done in Photoshop with LOTS of layers and LOTS of rough color studies. Took quite awhile, but I finally got them all done. I'll just share my favorites with ya.

 The story takes place in a cemetery at night during a light rain storm (the rain is going to be 3D FX). I wanted the mood to be rather solemn yet with a kind of eerie beauty to it all. 

 This is a down shot on the corner of a statue. Big story moment here!
Creepy mausoleum with an even creeper story point. That open door looks rather enticing, no?
Another big story moment. OMG WHAT COULD BE GOING ON IN THIS STORY?!?! Well you'll just have to wait and see now won't you? But don't worry, I'll be posting more stuff as I go along, so don't panic ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ok, so I finally think I got everything up and running properly. Tried to make things a little more user friendly so you guys can click through and find what you want easier. Check out the new tabs, and enjoy the new design, and I'll try to get off muh bum and get some updates on work posted.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini comics!

Hello all!
Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been even more hectic with me moving closer and closer to my graduation date, BUT! That only means I have more crazy art things to show you!! (excited)
One of my classes this quarter is a sequential course called mini comics, where you have to created, bind, and just pretty much self publish your own mini comic book. We are required to make 20 mini comics by hand (covers and all) and make them eye catching and just all around awesome

The two adjoining pictures are of the first two sets of minis that I've done for this class. The first one "Tyke's Neighborhood Adventure" features the storyboards I created for my previously created character, Tyke. The second picture is of my mini comic "Window Pains". This mini is unique in that the car itself of made from wood, and the pages are the windshield. This image features the front of and back of the mini.
Although stressful, I did have fun making these and really would like to create more minis in the future. So keep a look out!
Besides this I also have been doing a lot of background work for my senior film, which in stating that reminds me of just how much work I've done and need to be sharing with everyone. No worries guys, it's coming soon, I promise!

Until then, stay awesome, stay creative! :D