Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini comics!

Hello all!
Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been even more hectic with me moving closer and closer to my graduation date, BUT! That only means I have more crazy art things to show you!! (excited)
One of my classes this quarter is a sequential course called mini comics, where you have to created, bind, and just pretty much self publish your own mini comic book. We are required to make 20 mini comics by hand (covers and all) and make them eye catching and just all around awesome

The two adjoining pictures are of the first two sets of minis that I've done for this class. The first one "Tyke's Neighborhood Adventure" features the storyboards I created for my previously created character, Tyke. The second picture is of my mini comic "Window Pains". This mini is unique in that the car itself of made from wood, and the pages are the windshield. This image features the front of and back of the mini.
Although stressful, I did have fun making these and really would like to create more minis in the future. So keep a look out!
Besides this I also have been doing a lot of background work for my senior film, which in stating that reminds me of just how much work I've done and need to be sharing with everyone. No worries guys, it's coming soon, I promise!

Until then, stay awesome, stay creative! :D

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