Friday, December 9, 2011

Plastered Face Paint

So before Thanksgiving I went back to my mom's house for the holiday and upon entering I was hit with a constant stream of "Are you going take some stuff back with you? Cause I'm getting ready to move." So, on my departure I went through my art room (which use to be the guest room) and found an old plaster mold of my face that I did sometime ago.

When I made it I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, so it just laid on a shelf, blank and uninteresting. Then I realized "Why don't I just paint the blasted thing?" So I did. Or well, I've started too. Its taking a bit of time since plaster absorbs water like my dog and the only paint I already have on hand is little cheap acrylic bottles from the craft section. I had to use the carving tools to smooth some of the rough spots before I got started, which was really fun in itself. Well, for me anyway since I had a face mask to use. My dog on the other hand seemed to take to the particles like most to black pepper. End result, my feet receiving the periodic mist of doggie snot.

Yeah, it does get kind of hard to concentrate.

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