Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trex vs The Monkey Men

Hey everyone. I've been a bit swampped this quarter, but its all over (for now anyway)!
I'm pertty proud of the big assignment we had to do in sequential class which was a Trex vs Monkey/Ape Men. My teacher, Roy Richards show us examples from his prior student's, and were they good? Well of course, but well... they were all the same. Just a Trex fighting a couple of monkeys/apes. Thus I wanted to mix it up a bit and took a little less direct toward the idea.

This is the completed inked image, done with brush and nib.

In Photoshop, with a quick gradient backgruond and beginning of flats. I ran into a bit of trouble here because I started second guessing myself pretty badly and made three different versions with just a little flat color and a crazy background color.

Here I just bit the bullet and decided to go ahead with what I had and add more flats, but I still wasn't sure how to proceed after I got all the flat color in, so I kidnapped my awesome friend Michael Hicks who is a really great comic artist as well.

After Michael's help my confidence exploded and I really got the idea of what I wanted to do and how to do it so I started putting in my details with highlights and shadows.

And this is the final project with a few color balance overlays added. I only had two weeks to do this, but I made it! With time to spare in fact.

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