Sunday, April 4, 2010


Wow, my very first blog!

Well, in that case I'll start off with a little 411 about myself (for this first post at least). I'm currently attending SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) for a degree in Animation and a minor in Sequential art. I love drawing and do it quite often, as I should, but I also love telling stories and have found that telling stories visually can be just as or even more satisfying than through oral explanation. With that in mind it's not too hard to guess that I also enjoying a fair share of writing as well.

I guess in a nut shell, it would be simpler to just say that I thrive on creativity, whether by my own hand or another, and being able to share that creativity by means of story telling is the cherry that tops it all.

Being at SCAD really has helped me to find and use the things that I enjoy most about myself, and has pointed me in the right direction for exploration and growth. I'll share this fact in later posts, but this is all for now. I've got a stack of things to get scanned in and posted so hold on boys and girls!

Caitlin "KK" Nixon
MiniMightyMinion Productions

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